I think someone, who loves me lots, should
make a header for me. yup.. that's what I
think and I'm sticking to it.

[Insert pics that Kate might like *shrugs*]

Btw, if it wasn't obvious enough by the
blurred images and the LARGE wing
in most of the pics, I was on a plane.
I took these when I was coming back
from North Carolina//♥


  1. HOLY crap so chic. love the ketchup packet! I love your armani shyt! So pretty! You cool. i can tell. <3

  2. So imeant that to go on your bag pictures. I about crapped my pants when i saw the pics of manhattan! holy crap those are great!!!!!! IDk if you meant me kate, or someone else but i love thse so much!!!! <3 U BRONX!