Have I ever explained how much I hate Marc Jacobs?

Marc Jacobs Fall '09

This stuff is mildly ok.


Teyonalicious? Ehh, I'm not sold.

Aww, Allison lost.
Oh well, at least Aminat didn't win.
I was elated when she got knocked off first.
Allison totally worked that runway.
She definitely made moves.
But I guess the judges liked Teyona's consistency.

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It looks like Club Night in Wendy's

I kinda went shopping today. Actually, my cousin was shopping and I went to the store with her. We were trying to find sandals for her and her kids. We found like the cutest yacht shoes for her 1 yr old son. I loved them oh-so-much! I wanted to get them for him, but his chubby feet felt too restricted. I love his chubby cheeks :] He looks so damn adorable. Her daughters are cuties as well.
Well anyway, I love the stuff that I bought. I took pics of all of the stuff that I've purchased today and in the past two weeks. Wow, I sound lame but since I adore the stuff so much I feel like showing it all off.

This vid explains it all seeing as the pics suck.

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Technically Under Construction.

temporary layout..
like? dislike?
any thoughts?
I'm going to go back
to the other one
soon. I'm just in
the process of fixing
it and don't want it
half finished.


First pics of the summer :]

These are our footprints.. duh!
J- Julian
K- Katarina
or.. Just Kidding, Asshole!
My feet look small compared to theirs lol
This was the weirdest thing ever.
For some odd reason, all of the seagulls
positioned themselves on the rail
equidistant from each other.
For a second, they actually seemed
like statues until one of them swooped
down onto the sand.
sunset :]
Despite popular belief, NY /does/
in fact have beaches.
Also, Kate to answer your question:
this is why the Bronx is better than Brooklyn.
Welcome to another fun-filled episode of WTF!
Today our wonderful guest is Lady Gaga::crowd applauds::
LG: Hi everyone!
Me: Thanks for coming on my wonderful show to be humiliated :]
LG: Whatever, I'm beautiful dirty and rich.
Me: Right, just dance and all that.. got it.
LG: You can't read my pokerface!
Me: Great*cough*idiot*cough* So let the games begin!
LG: oOo nothing like a LoveGame
Me: *bangs head against wall* Exactly what were you thinking when you wore this?

LG: I don't think, Akon thinks for me.
Me: Honestly, that's not a shock. At all. So why did you wear this?

LG: I'm Lady Gaga.
Me: Well isn't that precious. Let's just cut off you're mic and show some more of your "outfits."
LG: Huh

Me: Do you even /own/ a pair of pants?!
LG: There's nothing else that I can say.
Me: Good..

Ok, I get it. She's on Konvict records so maybe she doesn't get paid much. But are you seriously telling me that they can not afford to buy her a pair of pants? Just one measly pair of pants! I think I'm going to start a charity to raise funds for Lady Gaga to get pants. Hmm, I think I'll call it the "Dress a Ho foundation." Meaningful, no?

Btw, no I didn't actually have a convo with her. I just made that up with all of her song titles.