I was wondering, does the playlist work for everyone?
Can everyone see it?
I was on IE earlier and it wasn't working.
Now that I'm on my Mozilla it's working fine.
So is it just my computer or other people's as well?

Update: It should be working now.. Thanks!


Fashion week calendar, for anyone who hasn't seen it.
I really want to go to Marc's show and Betsey's show on my bday::sigh::



Je ne suis pas bien a photographie au francais

Just a sign near my uncle's job.
He works at the triboro bridge.
Glam, no?
[Sarcasm's geared towards the pic, his job's actually kinda cool]

Whitestone bridge, I think.
more Queeeeeeeeeeeens.
[insert random graffiti that caught my fancy here please]

You can tell they were taken by me, because
they're all really dark and unfocused. I
must have parkinson's or something. Everytime
I try to take a picture my hand always
moves thus ruining the mystique! Well..
How much mystique does a sign really have?
Oh well.. More to come I think. I've got
more, but [believe it or not] they're
worse than the ones I've already put up//


I'm obsessed with Camilla Belle's haircut.

All of those photos are from her nylon shoot.
[Don't I have a wonderful grasp of the obvious?]
I really want that hair cut but I'm slightly
afraid of cutting my hair that short. If I
do cut it, I wont dye it light brown like
I wanted to. I think the style looks better
dark brown[my natural hair color] than blonde.
I have no idea why I just went through that,
as though any of you guys care about my hair.

I do really love that hairstyle though//


Warning: this post contains two seconds of retardation!

I'm a nerd.
I was looking through my computer.
Trying to delete some old stuff, and
I came upon a video that was supposed
to be a picture. In other words, I
spaced and instead of having the cam
set on pic it was set on video.
So you can't really see who it is,
but you CAN hear my voice. I sound
like a 12 yr old, I know. I swear
I'm 19 though. I'm almost 20.
It's very depressing//

Can you see the honest questions in my heart this hour?

Opening like a flower, to the rain.

I love that song.
Anyway, so I asked people to ask me questions.
I got a few, so here are the answers.

Parkereloise: whats goin on?
Answer: Hmm.. I'm looking for a job, which sucks. Beyond that, ehh nothing's new.

Parkereloise again: what's the meaning of life?
Answer: 42

Pieceofcouture: what do you wear on a day to day basis?
Answer: I usually wear straight leg or skinny jeans, vests, v-neck T's, or tunics. For shoes, I usually go with my vans, chucks, flats, or the one pair of really comfy heels that I have.

POC: who's your favourite designer?
Answer: My favorite designer is either Betsey Johnson or Marc Jacobs. Betsey appeals to my girly, playful side. Marc appeals to my edgey side. I love a lot more designers though. I hate Queeny.. 'tis all.

Again, POC: favorite TV show?
Answer: Toughy, I don't watch too much TV anymore. Heroes is one of my faves though.

sunshower☼: What's your favorite movie?
Answer: Ehh, it changes everyday lol. A strong favorite of mine is "What Dreams May Come." Romantic Comedy wise, I'm a sucker for "Juno" and "Failure to Launch."

Chrisstinaa: Where did you discover polyvore?
Answer: My friend went to a fashion merchandising school, so she found out about it. Then she told me. I got ridiculously addicted rather instantly, but 9 months later she's /just/ getting hooked. That's bad, on my part, no?

Manda♥JB: When is my birthday?
Answer: You should know that by now.. Ugh, today's youth. Tsk Tsk Tsk.

Manda♥JB: What if Joe Jonas asked me out?
Answer: Awkwardly enough, I was just talking about this yesterday. Well, not specifically Joe Jonas but I was talking about the topic. Long story short: I'm a big nerd who actually keeps up with youtube vlogs--hence my little sidebar of Phil DiFranco--and I watched one yesterday that was awesome. Basically, I agree with her. I'll have any celebrity that would have me. Shwiiing!
Idk how to post a vid from youtube to here because I'm.. an idiot. So if someone would like to tell me that would make me really happy. Otherwise, Check out Nat's videos!

Lemonade_Lagoon: Travie or Shia?
Answer: Same answer as above. I'll have either one that will have me. [Yes, that is in fact my chicken shit way of getting out of trying to pick my imaginary boytoy.]

Once Upon A Time: What's with the whole showcase thing?
Answer: I was confused about that too. TripMyWire was nice enough to explain it. Basically, you can now showcase one of your collections. You access it by going to your profile and clicking collections. On the next page you will be shown a list of your collections, you simply press "Showcase this Collection" [written underneath the title of the collection] and it will showcase your collection of choice.

Feel free to ask me more, because I'm stiiiiiill bored. I shoulda gone to the mall today :/

Always running away, but
never in the right direction.


Randomness is good for the soul.

I am bored.
It's not fun.
I spilled the juice I poured.
Now, I'm boring everyone.

[oOo look the idiot can kinda rhyme.]

If anyone's actually reading this, and that person actually thought there was a point to this post; they are actually very wrong.
That was actually an improper use of a semicolon.
I tend to use run-on sentences a lot.
I'm actually typing every single thought that has come into my head for the past 2-3 mins that I have been typing this.
Aren't you all impressed?
I'm thirsty.
I wish I hadn't spilled all of my cranberry juice.
I like cranberry juice a lot.
It's one of my favorite juices.
Actually, Actually, Actually..
[[I'm a bit pissed can you tell?]]

I know!! I'll salvage this post with random true facts!
Facts 1-10
1. My name is Angelica.
2. I have red hair[Yes, it did in fact come from a bottle.]
3. I really want to go to Montreal.
4. I've never been out of the country.
5. My birthday is February 16th.
6. I've only had one job in my life: tutoring.
7. I used to have a cat named Mouser n__n
8. I don't really have a favorite color, but I am drawn to pink.
9. I leave my cell off because I enjoy forcing people to hear my voicemail.
10. I'm a bit of an asshole.


I think someone, who loves me lots, should
make a header for me. yup.. that's what I
think and I'm sticking to it.

[Insert pics that Kate might like *shrugs*]

Btw, if it wasn't obvious enough by the
blurred images and the LARGE wing
in most of the pics, I was on a plane.
I took these when I was coming back
from North Carolina//♥


Mary Poppins aint got shit on me:]

Zee inside of my bag.
Ugh, I have to try to take a clearer pic.
Is it me or is it a bit blurred?
Maybe I'm just going crazy.
So list of useless shit in my bag:
Wallet, hat, Altoids, make-up bag, iPod,
cam case, sidekick, random mail[??]
iPod, hair clip thing, headbandy thinger,
pearls, nail polish, Escada parfum,
Princess carry thinger, glasses[ugly & plain, no?]
Folie a deux CD case + Ketchup packet
[for no apparent reason]

Technically this is cheating, because
I didn't include the shoes that I had
in my bag. Yeah, I'm one of those uber
prepared people who has like everything
they will NEVER need in their bag//♥

Oh and this is another ultra blurry
pic that has my oh so huge/cute
Armani bag, which goes with my
Armani scarf and Armani hat.
Omg I'm an A/X zombie//♥


Street Style Obsessed!

So my newest obsession is street style, specifically NY Street style. Due to it's originiality, I'm completely incapable of recreating it in sets. It's just so amazing to look at though. I was on Wunderbloc and found some really amazing photos of real average New Yorkers. I'm so envious of them. I wish I could dress like them. I just don't think it would look right on me. I don't know, for some reason I feel like I can really only where clothes that range from colorful prep to like pseudo hipster-- btw if you understand what I mean by that, I just fell in love with you. Anything beyond that range makes me feel that I look like I'm trying too hard.

I'm pretty positive that nothing that I just said makes sense to anyone but me lol.
Oh well, check out some of these awesome photos.
[None are mine, hopefully all the links work]

Image from Wunderbloc

Image from Wunderbloc

Image from Wunderbloc

Image from Wunderbloc