Mary Poppins aint got shit on me:]

Zee inside of my bag.
Ugh, I have to try to take a clearer pic.
Is it me or is it a bit blurred?
Maybe I'm just going crazy.
So list of useless shit in my bag:
Wallet, hat, Altoids, make-up bag, iPod,
cam case, sidekick, random mail[??]
iPod, hair clip thing, headbandy thinger,
pearls, nail polish, Escada parfum,
Princess carry thinger, glasses[ugly & plain, no?]
Folie a deux CD case + Ketchup packet
[for no apparent reason]

Technically this is cheating, because
I didn't include the shoes that I had
in my bag. Yeah, I'm one of those uber
prepared people who has like everything
they will NEVER need in their bag//♥

Oh and this is another ultra blurry
pic that has my oh so huge/cute
Armani bag, which goes with my
Armani scarf and Armani hat.
Omg I'm an A/X zombie//♥

1 comment:

  1. i love it! haha. your uber prepared lol. (haha, love the ketchup packet.) and your bag blows mary poppins' out of the water. haha.