Je ne suis pas bien a photographie au francais

Just a sign near my uncle's job.
He works at the triboro bridge.
Glam, no?
[Sarcasm's geared towards the pic, his job's actually kinda cool]

Whitestone bridge, I think.
more Queeeeeeeeeeeens.
[insert random graffiti that caught my fancy here please]

You can tell they were taken by me, because
they're all really dark and unfocused. I
must have parkinson's or something. Everytime
I try to take a picture my hand always
moves thus ruining the mystique! Well..
How much mystique does a sign really have?
Oh well.. More to come I think. I've got
more, but [believe it or not] they're
worse than the ones I've already put up//


  1. these are really cool pictures! and i like how they are blurry. it adds to the artistic-ness!

  2. gurl i love em. ahhaha. and that video made me lafffffff! i was like ahhaha. 12 years old!! <3