So in case anyone was wondering what happened on my birthday, which I doubt because less than no one reads this, I'll tell you.
My bffl, my brother and I decided to be tourists for the day and went on the Circle Line boat tour of the city. It was really awesome until we got to the East River. We were going against the wind, so of course it got colder[much much much colder.] That's why I ahte my birthday so much, ya know aside from the fact that it means that I'm older. I hate it because it's in February, which means I can't do fun stuff like other lucky ducks. Also, since my birthday sis o close to valentine's day people tend to give me a shitload of red stuff for my birthday. I mean, I'm not ungrateful for the presents that I receive, I just don't really like the color red*shurgs* My friend Steve the ginger gave me a box of chocolates and Stoli Razz which led to an awkward convo with my family. I kinda sat there rolling my eyes for the majority of it. Oh, and did I mention that I only had 2 hours of sleep?
Oh I skipped a part, you're probably wondering where steve and the fam came into play. Well after the circle line we drove around the city for a bit and I drooled as we past the white tents::sigh:: Then we dropped my friend at work and headed home. My brother had cooked dinner for like my whole family and it was scrumptous. I could complain about the dinner, but why bother. No matter how much I complain my family won't stop being crazy so what's the point?

Anyway, here are a few pics from the boat ride. Btw, the entire time we were on the boat we kept singing "I'm on a boat" by The Lonely Island ft. T.Pain. Good Times:]


  1. omg im sorry you get red shyt for your bday! if it make you feel better i get harvesty colors cuz mine is in OCTOBER! Cool pics! keep em comin! and happy BDAY AGain! Hope that stoli was delish! <3