What I am about to write are honest confessions that have been on my mind for a bit, yet they're not exactly things that normal people should say. Basically, I'm about probably about to offend the like 2 people who read this so..you can feel free to hate me. I don't really care*shrugs*

#1. Team Breezy! I'm so glad Chris Brown hit Rihanna. You don't even know. I was literally giddy. I ran around my house in fits of joy when I found out.
#2. I have actually gone back to liking Miley Cyrus.
#3. I like Selena Gomez too.
#4. I hate Demi Lovato though. She's really emo and annoying. HAHA Did you know she cuts herself? [Maybe I shouldn't laugh at that.. then again...]
#5. I don't really like tweens. Idk why, everything about them just annoys me. I have actually left a movie theater because there were too many tweens/teens there. It made me sick... [Btw, I count anyone from 10-16 as a tween..]
#6. I like Michael Phelps more, now that I know that he's a stoner.
#7. I hate that parents try to make every famous person a role model for their children. C'mon is it /that/ hard to be a good parent? Why can't your kid look up to /you/ instead of some person on TV? The problem is that when that person that you have forced into a role model "fucks up" [or just lives their life the way THEY want to] you parents are all up in arms complaining that the "role models" are "failing your kids." No ma'am /you/ are failing your kids. Not Michael Phelps. Not Paris Hilton. Not Miley Cyrus. Not Britney Spears. You! Because if you actually payed attention and nurtured your simple bastard of a child, then maybe they wouldn't look to a stranger on TV for guidance. All in all, I would really love for parents to stop blaming their 12 yr old daughter's sluttiness on Miley Cyrus when the fact of the matter is /you're/ the ones that are buying your daughters the slutty clothes. Miley Cyrus doesn't hold a gun to your head when you're at a mall. She doesn't use some sort of secret mind control to make you or your child do things. She's just a 16 year old girl trying to figure out her life. Give her a break, and take care of your own fucking kids.
[Surprisingly, I'm not yet finished]
#8. I hate people with purity rings. I'm not against chastity or abstinence. I'm against the unnecessary flaunting of how "pure" these douche bags are. Honestly, if you were so pure and holy, you wouldn't need an outward sign of your morals. You would simply be justified in the fact that you HAVE morals.
#9. Precursor: I'm not bitter, I just don't care about other people's feelings. That being said, I am so tired of hearing tweens whine about their "love" woes. At that age, you can't be in love. Just my opinion, but how can you be in love with someone else when you A. don't even know yourself and B. probably don't love yourself. Basically, you can't love another person until you love yourself so you really can't be in love at 14. I'm not sure if I'm getting this point across clearly enough.. Oh well.
#10. I'm not writing any of this for shock value. I'm actually writing this because I'm really tired of not being able to /say/ this stuff in public without being flogged in a public courtyard[perhaps even tarred and feathered.]

Yup, that's all. Feel free to add your own confessions as well. That's of course assuming anyone actually read all of that lol.


  1. i enjoyed that !i saw those pictures of demi lovato cut herself and i laughed too. i hate her because shes from texas and thinks shes hot and funny and miley and disney channel and selena basically because i think theyre in a cult. disney channel is a fucked up cult! and i hate tweens. im sixteen but im not a fucking tween. nobody gives a fuck!

  2. i agree with the tween thing. even though i may be one, i feel like i'm five. i personally hate all those disney channel celebs. they seem so ms. goody-two shoes and they don't get into trouble all the time. and the chris brown and rihanna thing, i think is just entertaining and surprisingly, my mom doesn't make some disney celeb be my role model. she just wants someone who is successful and rich, simply.

  3. Aren't you glad you got that off your chest... lol

    Dude. You have officially crossed the 20's line. I think I've written a hundred of these rant confessions ever since I turned 20... Imagine all the rants once you get to 25... O____O

    -lemonade lagoon-

  4. I have to say that I completely disagree with you on purity rings. That is all. :]

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  6. I also have to say that Tears for Fears = musical happiness (I made a typo in the post that i "removed").

  7. eeeek, don't like disney stars at all. i used to watch the mickey club house show when i was little and zoro when i couldn't sleep. good times. aaah, i guess i could be considered a tween, but i don't like my age or act like one. most kids my age annoy me. and ditto on the pureness epidemic.