Fact: I completely forgot Lily Allen was a "singer."
I was looking through polyvore sets, and someone
had written something about how much they loved
Lily's new album. I was stunned I was like "Oh wow,
since when does Lily Allen sing? I guess she must
be doing the Disney Star thing. Ya know, the "stars"
are minutely famous for some random accomplishment
then they get a disney approved record contract."
Then this thought popped in my head, "Wait, wtf is
she famous for again?" Then it all came back to me.
Oh yeah, "she put out like one rather crappy CD with
like 2 good songs." Jeez, how on EARTH did I forget THAT?
So yeah, all that having been said her new song
isn't too bad. Give it a listen if you'd like: The Fear


  1. oh my god. that's hilarious! i didn't know who she was until i saw her on perez hilton. she's on that site a lot. don't care much for her anyways. her music isn't my cup of tea either.

  2. i like, no, love her new album. its more pop-y than her last one