Decisions, decisions, decisions.

fyi, I spelled decisions right the first two times
but when I typed it the third time I fucked up.
I'm a tard!
Anyway, I can't decide what to do for my birthday.
So of course, I am turning to my imaginary readers:]

The options are:

Circle line cruise, then dinner in the city.

Going up to Pleasantville and drinking everything in sight.
"Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends!"

C'mon, it's nyc of course clubs are always an option.
I just feel like everyone does that.
So it's kinda lame, ya know?

Maybe borrow an ID and go to Mercury Lounge or The Bowery.

Finally, I could go see Paul Mooney at Carolines, and do dinner as well.

Other suggestions are welcome, if you guys can think of anything:]

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  1. I have nothing to suggest. I've stopped thinking about what to do on my birthday when I was 18. O___o

    But I guess anything with alcohol sounds fun right? XD!