These are a list of things that I wish people would just hurry up and realize.

1. Daisy Lowe is unattractive, unimpressive, and bulemic.

2. Aside from being hideous, both Peaches and Pixie Geldof are a. unimportant! Jesus do they even have jobs? and b. filthy. They don't look like they've showered in years.

3. Not every Indie movie can really be categorized as "the indie movie that could." Why can't it just be a good movie? Why should we constantly look down on indie movies?

4. Alexa Chung will never truly replace Carson Daly. She can take his job. But the fact of the matter is that aside from little Nylon obsessed tweebs no one really knows who she is. Thus, she'll never have Carson Status. Rockin New Years Eve Avec Alexa Chung? Uh-uh don't think so.. wouldn't watch it if I was promised a million dollars and Shia locked in my closet for all eternity-- no questions asked. Yes I know, she's pretty. I'm not saying that she's not a beautiful girl. However, she wasn't a good model and as a TV host, frankly, she bores me.

5. All of Lady GaGa's songs sound the same, AND she looks like a tranny and an alien procreated. Deal with it.

6. Brooklyn is about as cool as herpes. ok ok, I'll give it more credit than that! Herpes is actually cooler than Brooklyn. Whew! I almost insulted herpes for a second there.

7. If Jimmy Fallon is funny, then Jessica Alba's a good actress. Seriously, I'm gonna say a not funny joke and laugh at it more than anyone else will.. yeah, that's a great comedian right there.

8. This song is totally boss lol

Thug Story - Taylor Swift ft T-Pain


  1. taha wow i agree with everything! thug story!!!! the twit-brits. chung. jfall
    wow !! the only thing i s i used to live in BKLYN haha but i dont live there anymore so no worries!

  2. yeahhh lady gaga.

    she is.. blerg. i was just looking at an old EW, well actually its current, and she was saying "i sspend all my money on props and wardrobe. i dont care about money."

    it just bugged me cause its like, people in thirld world countries cant even listen to your "Disco Stick" ballads and you are like to high on makeup and cant see through your werid poseur sun glasses.

    wow. i didnt hink i would write all that.

  3. wow you angry XD but I never thought about those first things you said and they're kinda true.

    the taylor swift song is really -.-'

  4. Hahahahaha, i love your views. i bloody hate daisy, i think she is soooo over rated! She's bulemic ? Didn't know that.
    like wise with alexa, i just want that flag she has in her room, that's all she's good for. Haha. x

  5. AMEN about lady gaga! haha i like your opinionated style! if you want to check out my blog it's

    love it! :)

  6. This is quite a funny post and i swear my boyfriend says just about the exact same thing as you when it comes to Gaga,he even says "deal with it" hehehe.

    I dont mind Pixie but Peaches seems a little self indulgent as if she thinks shes important.
    Alexa comes from a tv programme in Britain called T4 where all the presenters have a very dry unfunny wit about them,they try too hard.
    But in saying that i like her style.

    As for Daisy Lowe ive never got the hype,but would she be were she was if it wasnt for her mother and father?
    She is a lovely looking girl but i could find better models on the street,infact i could find better models on Chictopia.

  7. Thank God I'm not the only person who thinks Jimmy Fallon isn't funny. Although I think Alexa Chung is cute. But I can see how people wouldn't like her.
    And why the Brooklyn hate? Everything else got a reason. And I'm from Brooklyn[=

  8. I really can't agree with you more on ALL things.

    Especially the ones about Daisy, Pixie & Peaches, and even Alexa. I mean, I only grew on Alexa because I was seeing her everywhere on Poly and the only good bio for an RP character had her as the model, but what you said about her is so true.

    And Lady GaGa. I try to explain that fact (or those two facts) to everyone and they smack talk me for smack talking GaGa. GOD.