Must we jump on every trend simply because Nylon tells us to?

No I'm not an idiot, so I can clearly understand that Dunks and Reeboks are not the same. However, aesthetically these two sneakers are nearly identical. I hate that people are making a big hooplah over the new Nylon dunks when there's nothing new about them whatsoever. These old school kicks have been around since I was a kid. Hell, I have pictures of me wearing the pink ones and the purple ones. My brother had them in red and blue. They're an old style that has been brought back by the "in crowd" at NYLON. These sneakers fall into the same category as most of the other clothes this season; they were taken from another era, yet we're being told that it's "new."
Let's just stick to the classics kiddos!


  1. what? ew reeboks are like what ppl at wendy's wear! haha. i love the nikes because they are wicked. but yes they are somewhat the same. i think its a label war. i like nikes and addidas. i never vear from them. i think its funny that you made this point though. Very astute my dear! <3

  2. now that is see the alike-ness i am wondering why spend 100 on nikes when i can spend less [i hope] on reeboks
    basically people will want them because they are "NYLON" material.

  3. hahah! yeah, i always find it ridiculous when magazines say stuff like that(: those shoes are amazing, though, might have to find a pair on ebay for myself(x