Oh, Urban dictionary, you'll never know how you boost my self esteem

Definitions of my name: Angelica
1. The most outstanding, smart and beautiful character from "Rugrats" and "All grown up" shows which were aired on Nickelodeon. Totally gorgeous girl with blonde hair and sexy voice.
- Hello, who is your idol?
- Jesus Christ, and yours?
- My idol is Angelica Pickles. I always act like she.

2. A girl who has the looks, the smarts, & is really into Paramore & Starbucks. Hanging out with her is the best. Plus, you'll be laughing all the way to Imagination Lane until you get crocodile tears or until water comes out of your nose.
Angelica is so fun to be with that water came out of my nose!

3. The most beautiful girl ever. She is untouchable, and any guy she gets with better know how lucky they are. This girl has guys waitin in line one by one, and bitches keep hatin! This girl wont take your shit! She is one of a kind aint no one else like her!
"I wanna be like Angelica!"

4. A nice beautiful brunette girl with blue eyes.
-All the guys like her.
-Extremly attractive.
-A great friend.
-Popular and has lots of friends.
-Not into sports.
-Can be a bitch.
EXAMPLE: That girl is such an Angelica.

5. The most amazingly beautiful girl I've ever seen my life. The one who makes my world spin, for she is my sun and my stars. She gives me about a trillion nicknames and I love everything about her. We've been through thick and thin and I can't imagine even a day without her. I love you Angelica.
I never truly laughed...I never truly smiled, until the day I saw her, my beautiful sweet Angelica.

6. a super dooper cool girl who atttends a catholic school. also known as angie.
"omg, you're so super cool like angelica!"
[That's soooo true!^]

7. the coolest most beautiful girl in the world who lives in nyc and is so wonderfully awesome with long brown hair. she also very pretty and nice, and at times smelly. she is also known as gelly. ohh.. did i mention she was pretty?
"omg. that girl is so gorgeous. not as gorgeouse as angelica though!!!"
[pretty accurate, but last time I checked--I don't smell.]

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