Make way for the S-O-V!

OMG I neeeeeeeeeeeeed the new Nylon!
I know, I know.. Nylon how "Omg I'm from Montana and want to be a hipster" of me!
I'm appalled as well, dears. However it has Olivia [who I love] Kat [who I love even more] AND Dev[who I love the mostestest] *sigh & swoon*
PLUS, they've got an article[or as I say it: an arty-clay] on kicks [aka sneakers for anyone who couldn't get the reference, which I find hard to believe.]

I just watched Christopher Mintz-Plasse on Nylon TV.
I find him ridiculously hot, whenever he's not acting.

As of right now, I'm searching through Nylon TV.
They've got interviews with some pretty cool people.
There's Dev, Lady Sov[who I also heart,] Utada[!]
Dude that's pretty cool. Aww, maybe I'll give Nylon more of a chance than I previously have. I make no promises. I kinda sorta just hate the stylists and yeah.. I'm not going to start explaining my love-hate relationship avec Nylon lol. I'm getting Utada's CD from my cousin. Free CD's seem to make me like the artists more lol. Gah, I'm shallow and I'm starting to seem very cheap. Oh well that's life.. suck it!

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