Welcome to Another Episode of WTF?

Ok, I know Katie Holmes is on Broadway, or wants to be on Broadway or has a house on Broadway. Something of that nature, ya know? However, does that mean that she is now entitled to wear head to toe sequins like a showgirl? Katie, you're on a red carpet not on stage at Cabaret! Even if you look past the sequins, you are still left with a hideous dress. The cut [especially for her body] is horrible. The colors look horrendous. It's just ugly, pure ugly. I think she stole it from Liza Minelli's closet. The dress is bad, however it's really not the worst part of her outfit. The piece de resistance: the shoes. They look like they are straight out of payless. Ewww! I understand that she has to wear low heels as to not completely dwarf her lilliputian husband, but do they have to be that tacky?
So Katie, I have but one question for you, "Wtf?"

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