A photo can say a thousand words, I apparently can say a thousand more.

Ripped from Kate:]
1. A picture that describes your life

My family = My life
And I love it that way.
[My brother and I.. 18 yrs ago]
2. A picture that has a specific place where you want to be everyday

Venice Beach
3. A picture of your favorite jeans

Yup, fuck my Sevens. I could live in my Old Navy jeans =]
4. A picture of something famous in your hometown

5. A picture of a celebrity who people say looks like you

Just Joshin' I've been told that she looks like my future child though /and/ we have the exact same hair.

I drew a blank, so I enlisted facebook's help. *shrugs* Not really, we have the same nose though.
6. A picture of your favorite song. Yes, a picture

Beautiful Mess- Jason Mraz
7. A picture of what you would use if you had to chose a single item of makeup to use for the rest of your life.

I'm entirely too pale to not have bronzer.
8. A picture of your favorite fruit.

Clementines are yuuuuummy
9. A picture of your favorite scent.

Rockin Rio by Escada
Unfortunately I don't have any left. Now I use Moon Sparkle or some shit like that lol. Regardless, I will love Rockin Rio always && forever.

..I need to stop doing these things. They make me realize exactly how lame I am lol.

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