Well we all know that with the ridiculously large amount of people on polyvore, it is very hard to see every set that gets published. Unfortunately, some really talented people and their really talented sets, never get to see the light of day-- or at least the popular list. SO! I've decided to find a few "under-faved," "under-commented," and generally just under-appreciated sets. I'm going to do this once a week. For this first blog, I'm just going to find a few [awesome] sets with under 15 faves. After that I might have "member spotlight" type thingers. Lame idea, but there are some really talented people that deserve to be seeeeeen! Ugh, I sound like Hip Hop Harry: the polyvore version.

... by Bree<3 featuring Miu Miu shoes

59. by LuUuUu featuring Anna Sui


  1. I think this is a great idea!! I also publish my favorite set of the week on my blog, although I don't look for how many faves/comments or that kind of stuff, just that particular set that really caught my attention.

    But this is awesome, really! Sometimes I'm faving people [which btw I noticed I do more than 15 pages of faves each week] and I notice they only have a few favorites on each set, when they should really have hundreds!!

    Good job!!!


  2. these are great sets!! i'm on polyvore to and there are a lot of people who don't get as many favourites as they deserve!

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