The Rumor Mill

Moving at the speed of life, we are bound to collide with each other.

The universe was created by the concentration and collision of millions of molecules. In the densely populated metropolis of Los Angeles, the same situation occurs. Everyday we see and meet hundreds of people. And what do we do with these people? We interact, we converse, we learn. We make connections and relationships that can last for a matter of moments or for the rest of our lives. In LA, it is these social encounters that keep us from feeling as though we are the only sane people left in this crazy city. The best place to connect, you ask? The Rumor Mill. A quaint coffee shop/ laundromat where people come for a break and leave with much more...

When you step into the Rumor Mill, your dirty laundry will get aired. Everyone knows everything about you, or at least they think they do. Will you make friends or make enemies? Find love or declare war? Get discovered or get burned? How will you spin your stories, gossip, and oh yeah, your clothes?


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