Welcome to another fun-filled episode of WTF!
Today our wonderful guest is Lady Gaga::crowd applauds::
LG: Hi everyone!
Me: Thanks for coming on my wonderful show to be humiliated :]
LG: Whatever, I'm beautiful dirty and rich.
Me: Right, just dance and all that.. got it.
LG: You can't read my pokerface!
Me: Great*cough*idiot*cough* So let the games begin!
LG: oOo nothing like a LoveGame
Me: *bangs head against wall* Exactly what were you thinking when you wore this?

LG: I don't think, Akon thinks for me.
Me: Honestly, that's not a shock. At all. So why did you wear this?

LG: I'm Lady Gaga.
Me: Well isn't that precious. Let's just cut off you're mic and show some more of your "outfits."
LG: Huh

Me: Do you even /own/ a pair of pants?!
LG: There's nothing else that I can say.
Me: Good..

Ok, I get it. She's on Konvict records so maybe she doesn't get paid much. But are you seriously telling me that they can not afford to buy her a pair of pants? Just one measly pair of pants! I think I'm going to start a charity to raise funds for Lady Gaga to get pants. Hmm, I think I'll call it the "Dress a Ho foundation." Meaningful, no?

Btw, no I didn't actually have a convo with her. I just made that up with all of her song titles.

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