It looks like Club Night in Wendy's

I kinda went shopping today. Actually, my cousin was shopping and I went to the store with her. We were trying to find sandals for her and her kids. We found like the cutest yacht shoes for her 1 yr old son. I loved them oh-so-much! I wanted to get them for him, but his chubby feet felt too restricted. I love his chubby cheeks :] He looks so damn adorable. Her daughters are cuties as well.
Well anyway, I love the stuff that I bought. I took pics of all of the stuff that I've purchased today and in the past two weeks. Wow, I sound lame but since I adore the stuff so much I feel like showing it all off.

This vid explains it all seeing as the pics suck.

btw, I'm jealous of anyone who can actually work blogspot well. I totally suck at this lol. I haven't the faintest clue as to why the video seems like it doubled. I..don't.. know.. Also, any comments can be directed to the chatbox to the right-->

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