Yay my blog looks slightly cuter now! So it's slightly less embarrassing to write on it. So maybe I'll actually tell people the link to it. Yay! Wow, one day I'm really gonna have to stop being so damn sarcastic. It's a sickness people, I swear!

I decided that as of next monday, this will be a fashion blog. oOo la la.. I'll do a bunch of trends and maybe like a set of the day kinda thing. Yeah, also if I can rope anyone into doing an interview, then that'll be included as well. However, I doubt anyone will do it. Whatever. The point is, I'll actually be posting here from now on. I've even added it into my to-do list of necessary things to do each day. I've realized that I've become really ADD and can't keep my mind focused on anything, or finish anything. So, my remedy is a fashion blog. And yes I know that it kinda sounds like a weird way to solve it but it's the only thing I could think of.

Yay me!

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