describing the problem..

[I originally had this written as a comment in my other post, but I figured this was an easier way to respond back.]

The problem is that when I view another person's set, I am incapable of commenting or faving it. I press the button, however nothing happens. Furthermore, the scroll that usually shows 3 other sets that the member has recently made is not working. It is just a blank box. Also, I am incapable of saving items to my polycloset. This has been happening to a number of other members as well.

Some members have suggested for me to download Mozilla, because the problem only seems to occur for members who are using Internet Explorer. However, despite my love for polyvore, I'm not sure that I want to download a program just to be able to have Polyvore work properly.

This problem is recent. It has only happened to me for the past 2 or 3 days. The others days it was only temporary[for about 20 minutes or so] but it has not been working properly for me all day. I'm not sure if that helps, it's kind of hard to explain the problem..

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