Ha, like I needed more reasons to love you.

I haven't even watched the VMAs yet. Just hearing about it is enough. I don't hate Taylor Swift, nor do I LIKE Taylor Swift. The same thing goes for Beyonce. Neither one of them mean a thing to me. However, in the grand scheme of things, Taylor Swift does not deserve any awards. None. Zip. Zilch. She's an okay enough singer, and her songs have a way of lingering. The video itself? Worst thing I've ever seen. I actually have to give it up to Beyonce. Her video was hot. Wow, never thought I'd actually give Beyonce props. Are pigs flying yet?
Anyway, this post was not made to talk about those two ugly broads. It was made to declare my undying love for Mr. West. Could he be more awesome? No. He couldn't.

[Side note:I haven't watched VMAs in forever, they're seriously the wackest awards on TV. However Kanye's shenanigans are actually making me want to watch it.]


  1. Im not a fan of any of them and people do have their own opinions.But what Kanye did was completely classless.
    Yes he is Beyonce's friend and all friends are biased but you dont stand on stage and take away a moment from a girl almost half your age.
    I dont know about him but i was raised to respect others and treat them how i wish to be treated.
    And i do wonder why some people and bands get the awards they do, but Taylor Swift whether anyone likes her or not is very popular...at the moment.
    Kanye should have been the bigger person and let her have her moment.
    Ahhh well its on the VMA's not to be taken seriously in a way its more stupid than anything.

  2. How is beyonce ugly? She is absolutely stunning!